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Jul 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] spent yemen's opposition party accused the government of attempting to assassinate their leader this week. >> now a look at u.s. counterterrorism efforts in yemen, which has been slowed by the political unrest in that country. this senate foreign relations subcommittee hearing is an hour and 50 minutes. pennsylvania senator bob casey is the chairman. >> the hearing will come to order. i will start with an opening statement, and then we will of course introduce our witnesses, and then we may have other statements as well. but i want to thank f1 for being here. we're getting started just after right time. and we are here today for it very important purpose. we're here today to discuss the complex health challenges facing the united states policy in yemen, and that examination of policy comes amid five months of popular protests and political unrest. during this historic period of sweeping change in countries like egypt, tunisia and syria, yemen often gets overlooked. however, as result of the power vacuum caused by president sal
Jul 25, 2011 2:00am EDT
give us your assessment of how americans are regard to yemen? a lot of us are concerned and defended as to how prudently weaver held in pakistan. the're building it to floods in the valley. we put in billions of dollars. they have objective measurements should the favorability is in the single digits. that is pretty disgusting when you're spending that kind of money trying to help people. i understand there's no objective standard in yemen. it to be impossible to measure it on an objective basis. maybe from into total testimony can you give me your description? >> thank you. in general, the experience is that the perception of american aid is positive. the way that i can help illustrate sex most poignantly is that we brand our assistance in most cases the route the country. it is clear. it is clear hewitt is coming from. this is important in terms of the messaging. it also means we're able to operate on our partners openly by the american people. this is well-received. it is done safely throughout the country. >> what would be your gut feeling if they did some standard. what percenta
Jul 27, 2011 6:00am EDT
concern that the vice chairman made reference to with respect to al qaeda's presence in yemen and in places like somalia makes it particularly challenging from a counterterrorism perspective. i think that, in some ways, the opportunity that presents itself now to the counterterrorism community and the united states as well as with their allies around the world is that we must actually redouble our efforts and is the president has said al qaeda is on the path to defeat but we have to look at that thread in all of its various forms not only in the tribal regions of yemen, but in the foxtrot and pakistan and also in parts of north africa. and in somalia. ultimately, the nctc's mission is to stop another terrorist attack and if i may just say that the leadership of mike leiter and an acting capacity of andrew lieb and i think nctc has played a vital role but it is a team approach and we face a challenging at times as we ever have. >> are you confident that we have the ability to get no work across the agencies as you obviously to coordinate and integrate all of that analyses? do you thin
Jul 9, 2011 5:15pm EDT
were inspired by this by ic in yemen. he was angry at the fact thathe the administration had put him on this hit list. now, the reason that these twots men were stopped is that they went to purchase weapons andeo someone was suspicious and and alerted the authorities. so one of the things l.a. at in. the book is that the future may not be a series of september 11th but a series ofie smaller scale at temps on the united states and hopefully notm successful attempts.u. it is no accident over the last couple of months and if you go on to these websites what they are supporting is the small scale by individual.ale, or indi it is a sign of the disintegration of al qaeda proper, but also a sign that they believe that this ideology that they have been successfulle create on the internetreat has found a very small minoritya of people in this country, but nevertheless it has done some traction. >> host: the eighth alleged plot in two years. the eighth such conspiracy in the last two years. rresislamic congress have been arrested for plotting a fort sea hood style attack. >> guest: this is the
Jul 9, 2011 5:30pm PDT
regions of pakistan. he also revealed that up to 20 top al qaeda leaders from pakistan, yemen, and somalia were identified from laden's compound and are now on america's target list. topping that list, american-born clericÑi anwar al awlaki, leade of al qaeda in yemen, considered the greatest terrorist threat to the united states, the so-called christmas day bomber, was trained and equipped by al qaeda in yemen. panetta confirmed today that the cia has joined the u.s. military in launching air strikes aimed at taking out the leadership of al qaeda in yemen and warned the u.s. must remain relentless in pursuit of al qaeda. >> i think now is the moment, now is the moment, following what happened with bin laden to put maximum pressure on them because i do believe that if we continue this effort that we can really cripple al qaeda. >> reporter: despite the progress, panetta warns that al qaeda still remains a serious threat, and even after his success at the cia in bringing down bin laden, panetta says that al qaeda itself will still be a top priority of his in his new job at the pent
Jul 8, 2011 5:30am EDT
going on today, including disturbing new video of the president of yemen, making his first television appearance since he was wounded in an attack on his presidential compound. >>> police nab the thief who walked out of an art gallery with a $200,000 picasso. if you guessed, he was from hobok hoboken, new jersey, you won yourself money in the office pool. let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. with the august 2nd deadline just weeks away, lawmakers are preparing to work over the weekend on a possible deal. president obama said he and congressional leaders will reconvene at the white house on sunday. it comes after his meeting with those leaders yesterday, making a short statement in the briefing room, the president called the talks constructive but said both parties still have a lot of work to do. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues. i thought all the leaders came in a spirit of compromise n a spirit of wanting to solve problems. everybody acknowledg
Jul 2, 2011 9:00am PDT
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Jul 7, 2011 12:30am EDT
33 this federal courr in the is where a somaai national 3 qaeda's affiliatessin yemen ann somaaia will be tried. the senate minority leaddr told ffx the case belongs in this guantanamo bay cuba. mcconnell says: "i thinn the amer eople are clearly oppooed to tryingg foreign terrrrists in us ccurtt. thhe're noot jurr, moot of them not wild theejudge...hhnk o all the seeurity problems, these -3 people are goinn to be in a witness ppotection prograa for the rest of their livvs" somali national waa picked up & in the gulf of aden -- off the coast of yemen - and held on the uss boxxr for two months -3 -- wheree e the suspected terrorist waa interroggttd beffre he aa read hhs miranna righhs. while not being specific adminissration officials say the suspect provided quote valuable iitelligence. they said the --3 decision to try the suspect in a federaa court wwth tte saae rights and proteetions as a uu citizen - was described by dminnstration officials aa &pqqoteeunaniioussbb tth whhte & houue, ddfense and justiie -3& pttorney general aid hat - in virtualll every terrorism case - he will
Jul 1, 2011 5:00pm EDT
of terror alive. we're learning about a merger of sorts between al qaeda militants in yemen and neighboring somalia. our pentagon correspondent has some exclusive details. barbara, tell us what you know. >> we've been digging for the last several days and several u.s. officials tell us that indeed they have intelligence that convinces them that al qaeda in yemen and the al qaeda-related group in somalia are joining forces to try and plan attacks against europe and the united states. and you need to look front and center here in the pentagon, the new secretary of defense, leon panetta and david petraeus when he gets to the cia in a few week, they will make this stop on the agenda. we are told there will be counterattacks. drone attacks, special operations, covert missions, look for all of it to continue. the al qaeda in yemen group expanding its efforts along with al qaeda in somalia. we are told what they're looking at is expanding their ability for training camps, resourcing, planning, financing, all of it. aiming to add that, aspirations, but trying to do it. we already see a
Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm EDT
through yemen for about 2,009, even as the intelligence community warned the administration about this security situation there. we already knew that the former gitmo detainees were in the aqap leadership in yemen, but it was only after aqap's failed christmas day attack that the transfer stopped. in my mind, this was an unacceptable risk for us to take. he mentioned in my office the question on the task force in part because you were guided by the executive order on closing gitmo. i suspect that the one-year deadline for closing gitmo affected task force analysis and decisions. when the only original two options for each detainee for the prosecution or transfer, it seems like there would have been significant pressure to lean towards transfer. i wonder if this explains why, after the initial task force review, found 92 detainee's suitable for transfer to my second review came up with 40 more transferable detainee's, and another 40 for conditional detention, which at the time was essentially delete transferred. congressman frank wolf of virginia who has expressed similar concerns
FOX News
Jul 18, 2011 7:00pm EDT
. officials are now saying the branch in yemen has given weapons, fighters, beings explosives and training to the affiliate in somalia. yes, ma'am mental and somalia coming together against us. the officials say this is especially dangerous because both groups have recruited u.s. citizens. remember that radical american cleric anwar al awlaki is the leader of al qaeda in yemen. the feds have linked him to recent terror plots against the united states. including the attempted christmas day underwear bombing, the food massacre and botched times square bombing. catherine herridge works intelligence for us live from d.c. tonight. catherine, details. >> thank you, shepard. u.s. officials confirm that military and intelligence operations have intensified because of the growing threat from the al qaeda affiliates in imlem men and somalia. fox news confirming that the american cleric anwar al-awlaki the first american on the cia's kill or capture list spent significant time with the somali commander and their goal was to closer working partnership. the somali affiliate has set up base in
Jul 2, 2011 3:00pm EDT
what happens in yemen is being closely watched. one reason for the scrutiny, al qaeda is active there. and right now, months of political turmoil and attacks have crippled the country's economy. cnn's nic robertson reports from yemen where there are plenty of signs the economy may be on the verge of collapse there. >>> a few minutes in yemen's capital is all it takes to realize the economy is tanking. shuttered stores line the roads. the toyota showroom all closed up. no cars on the showroom floor. as you walk down the streets, more stores closed. this one a transport company. the next one as you come down the street, this is typical what we're seeing around the capital. many stores closed up. this one here, a tourism facility. tourist trips booked through here. probably the only store that's open is this corner shop selling fruit, nuts, that kind of thing. and this bathroom appliance store, this tells you everything you need to know about what's happening here. it says for rent. they can't afford to run the showroom at the moment. inside the corner store, he tells me everyone is buyi
FOX News
Jul 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
american cleric in yemen recently met with a somali terror suspect who is now in united states custody. catherine herridge works intelligence for us. live in d.c. tonight. what do we know about the meeting, catherine? >> the terror suspect is described by u.s. officials as a senior commander with the al-qaeda franchise in somalia. he was in yemen for one year where he met with anwar al-awlaki. al-qaeda's franchises in yemen and somalia are planning a merger. u.s. officials say this is more evidence that al-awlaki has become one of the group's major players. shep? >> shepard: we information about one american who tried to make the trip from yemen to somalia. >> the accused killer in the 2009 arkansas recruitment center killing, his high school prom picture is there on the right. his family says he was arrested in yemen after attending a terror training camp and trying to make the trip to somalia using a fake passport to apparently meet with extremists. siftsstice department it the shooting in arkansas is a state case even though he told the judge he is a member of al-qaeda in yemen, she
Jul 6, 2011 6:30pm EDT
parte peligrosa con sede en yemen. autoridades identificaron a este hombre responsable de un atentado fallido en diciembre del 2009. como el principal sospechoso. hoy en el aeropuerto internacional de newark el arribo de los vuelos ocurrió sin por menores pero los pasajeros ra reaccionaron. >>> ahora falta las cámaras que revisan adentro >>> sería la única opción >>> miedo sí confío que la gente sabe lo que hace, la policía sabe lo que hace y van a tomar los controles necesarios para que esto no suceda >>> por su parte la minutos trag administración poneh@univisions este país están en constante adaptación en newark univih@no i centroamericanos aseguran que su paso por méxico es peligroso antes de llegar a estados unidos, una sobreviviente narró cuando estuvo secuestrada por criminales, y méxico dicen que es una prioridad este momento >>> una mujer salvadoreña, narró lo que vivió luego de ser secuestradah@univisionnoticiero pers, losh@univisionciero h@ari, hablan a sus faasnciero que sis lesh@andan 3500 mataran a sus h >>> un muchacho tenía ganas de ir al ba
Jul 8, 2011 3:00pm EDT
. >> let's turn to yemen. today we get a look at abdullah salih after he was attacked at his compound last month and he is much more frail in appearance, and why hasn't he returned to yemen. what can you tell us about the situation there? >> well, the situation in yemen is unclear. on the ground, there were protests for the president ali saleh, and the protests against him and the protests happening every friday were only given extra energy by the appearance of the yemen president yesterday. he was speaking in a chair in an undisclosed chair in saudi arabia, and he looked so frail that many people did not recognize him, and the skin on his face was much darker, and it appears that the mustache had been burned off and his hands were bandaged and he did not move at all in the chair that he was sitting, but seemed frozen in place. and his face was frozen and expressionless, so if you look at the before and the after picture, it was clear he was very badly injured in the assassination attempt almost one month ago. >> those reaare remarkable imag. thank you, richard engle. >>> i'm
Jul 18, 2011 11:30am PDT
gulf region of the arab world, which is saudi arabia, yemen, and oman. kate is wearing a heavier velvet dress with embroidery on the top and kind of going down through the arms. sama this is more toward the saudi, yemen region of the gulf. susan is wearing a traditional yemeni dress from a mountain region. this is a traditional form of a tire -- attire. ♪ ♪ >> this is the last part of our show. this is the part of the show that features lebanon, jordan. she is wearing traditional garb from damascus. i do not know if you can tell but there is a lot of handstitched detail at the top. lena is wearing a traditional jordanian start out with handstitched work. these stars represent different countries. this dress is more of a jordanian style. this is a palestinian dress with hand importers from the top to bottom. -- embroidery from the top to bottom. this is all handstitched. could the other models join the girls on the floor? [applause] >> let's have another round of applause for the models. thank you for participating and showing not only the diversity of our culture and region. through
Jul 7, 2011 5:30pm PDT
of yemen, since he was badly injured last month in an attempt to kill him, and after weeks of rumors about his health, his condition, what people there saw today was shocking. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel was watching from his post in cairo and is with us from there tonight. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. i was watching yemeni state television on a big 37-inch television right in front of my desk here in cairo. and when the yemeni president started to speak and i know what he looks like, i did not recognize him. his face was much darker than it normally is, he didn't move at all in the chair in which he was sitting, his face was completely expressionless, his hands were bandaged. this is the first time we have seen the yemeni president since that assassination attempt, an explosion inside the yemeni presidential palace a month ago. if this was an attempt by the president or the yemeni government to show that he is still in full control and in command of his capacities, that attempt might not have been successful. in yemen itself, the reactio
Jul 7, 2011 6:30pm PDT
week. >>> the president of yemen has madeis first tevision appearance sie sufferi severe burns and an attack at the beginning of last month. he repeated his call for dialogue among yemen's rival political groups and gave no sign that he wasx prepared to step down, but he also did not say when or if he plans to return home. >> the burns are visible on the president's face and his arms are covered in bandages. it was his first appearance on television since he was wounded in iraq attacked a month ago. -- wn itnd a rocket attack a month ago. the criticized the movement that has demanded that he step down, but he also called on the opposition to join the dialogue. he remains in the saudi capital, where he has had at least eight operations. the protests have continued in his absence. demonstrators were in the streets again thursday demanding that he step down for good. >> we will stay here even through the month of ramadan, until we win the revolution. until god makes it happen, we will be steadfast. god is great. >> for now, it appears the president wants to hang on, despite his injuri
Jul 15, 2011 6:00pm PDT
crisis with eyes focused on libya, yemen and syria. >> we were activated to deploy early. as the arabs go through the mediterranean and go to the near middle east. we are focusing on not a complex evacuation of noncombatants and humanitarian aid and disaster relief. >> they've been at sea rehearsing drills for more than three months. and with continuing unrest in the region, it's still not clear when they'll return home. if these were marines from 40 commando who help evacuate civilians or distribute humanitarian aid. here in the persian gulf they're practicing on land with troops from the united emirates. also to hone skills that may have been forgotten. so this also shows how stretched the british military are. these members returned from afghanistan just last year. after this deployment within a few months time they'll be prepared to get it back there again. there is the greatest strain on the military and with the threat of yet more defense cuts, this is a remainder of why it's still needed. >> this is proving what we can still do as opposed to what we might not be able to do is the k
Jul 8, 2011 12:30am PDT
price. >> the president of yemen, ali abdullah saleh, has appeared on state television just a month over the attack on his compound that nearly killed him. he said he had undergone eight successful operations to treat his burns. he also stressed the need for dialogue to resolve yemens problems. you are watching you stay on the bbc live from singapore and london -- newsday on the bbc, live from singapore and london. holmes the atlantis is ready to take -- the shuttle atlantis is ready to take off, and what will bad weather delayed the flight? a scientist has created a synthetic organ. we report. >> this is how the world's first synthetic organ was made, fitting a glass mold into a liquid polymer, which set to create an exact copy of the patient's windpipe. it was created in these labs in the royal free hospital in london and then flown to sweden. once in stockholm, the synthetic windpipe was based in a solution of stem cells taken from the patient's bone marrow. after just two days, the millions of tiny holes in its surface were seated by cells. a synthetic body part had become the p
Jul 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
terrorists in yemen may attempt to surgically implant explosives, or explosive components in passengers to carry out suicide attacks. >> we see this as the evolution of how they can try to defeat us, to get around those layers of security that we have now. >> reporter: under one scenario, the terrorists onboard a plane would inject a chemical detonator into the part of the body where the device was implanted, or it could be a radio-controlled detonator set off by a cell phone. intelligence suggests it would be tried on a flight to the u.s. from overseas. airlines that fly here have been advised and they have been urged to increase security with more physical pat-downs, checks for traces of explosive chemicals, more questioning of passengers about their reasons for travel, and more use of the full body scanners in airports that have them. a former homeland security official says while there's no single piece of technology that could reliably detect something hidden in the body, such a plan would be hard to carry out. >> you don't know how the explosive would react in the body,
Jul 15, 2011 7:00pm EDT
incident in yemen in 2010, a lot of activity took place. the result of that activity with tsa and the industry working collaboratively to put a whole host of new programs in place to secure international transportation. i would just like to talk about a couple of things that are ongoing. the department of homeland security established air cargo security working group's to deal with what we want to do is we go forward. we think one of the most promising areas of inquiry is the intelligent sharing aspect of it and get those working groups move forward we urge you to let them move forward and encouraged them to move forward. another one of those committees dealt with how to get that are technology and better -- so we can screen cargo better. we are chewed to continue the funding that we absolutely recognized that funding problems we had in this country now so i would like to concentrate on low-tech rather than high-tech. a lot was said in the first panel about dogs and we absolutely agree that the k-9 program should be encouraged and expanded. we specifically urge that this committee con
Jul 3, 2011 1:00pm EDT
challenges in the short term as we are seeing in yemen. it is also true that terrorist organizations and nations that support them will seek to capitalize on the instability that change can sometimes bring. that's why we're working closely with allies and partners to make sure these malevolent actors do not succeed in hijacking this moment of hope for their violent dance. as president obama has said, these dramatic changes mark a historic moment of opportunity. so too for our counter- terrorism efforts. for decades, terrorist organizations like al qaeda have preached the only way to effect changes through violence. that claim has been thoroughly repudiated and has been repeated by ordinary citizens in tunisia, egypt and beyond, who are changing and challenging their governments through peaceful protests, even as they are sometimes met with horrific brutality as in libya and syria. moreover, these citizens rejected the medieval ideology of al qaeda that divides people by faith and gender, opting instead to work together. muslims and christians, men and women, secular and religious. it's t
FOX News
Jul 2, 2011 12:00pm EDT
of al-qaida's adam gadan and alwaki in yemen . we have seen the tragic results with the murder of a military recruiter in arkansas two years ago and attack on servicemen and women in fort hood. >> the new book, the next wave on the hunt of al-qaida american recruits and what is done now to monitor the threats and joining us now, correspondant and author andical league who is here to tell us about the breaking news . congratulations on your new book. >> thank you very much. >> what we have heard that information in bin laden's compound and the e-mail thumb drives show that the al-qaida network was angry and frustrated by the cia campaign in the tribal areas of pakistan and achieving the objective to take senior operatives off of the battlefield and keep the group under pressure so it is difficult for operatives to plan, train and raise money. uma, it is no coincidence that we are starting an identical campaign in yemen. yemen is one of the rising threatt hubs and americans are front and center in al-awaki who i describe is leader of al-qaida 2.0. he was overlooked in a key player in
FOX News
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm EDT
national to ties in yemen and somalia will be tried. the senate minority leader told fox the case belongs in a military court at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> i think the american people are opposed of trying foreign terrorists in u.s. courts. they're not interested in being on the jury. most of them are not wild on being a prosecutor or a judge. think of the security problems. they'll be this witness protection program for the rest of their lives. >> they were picked up off yemen and held for two months. he was interrogated before being read the miranda rights. not being specific, administration officials say the suspect provided "valuable intelligence." they said the decision to try the suspect in a federal court was the same right and protection as a u.s. citizen was "unanimous by the white house defense and justice department." last month, the attorney general said in virtually every terrorism case he will push for federal court. >> in disrupting potential attack, interrogating, prosecuting terrorists there is quite sam pli no more powerful tool than the civilian court. >> reporter: in dec
Jul 21, 2011 11:00pm EDT
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Jul 9, 2011 5:30am PDT
damasco. la televisiÓn estatal culpó a francotiradores. a casi tres meses de la revuelta de yemen, decenas de milese personas inundaron las calles de la ciad en propesta. tras la primera apariciÓn en televisiÓn de su lÍder desde que resulta herido en una expliÓn que lo obligó buscar atamiento mÉdico en arabia saudita, sale no hizoenciÓn de Ándo regresarÍa el país, las autoridades reportaron al menos nueve muertos a causa de roteos que se registraron en la celebraciÓn en pro del gobierno. en el cairo, decenas de miles de personas llevaron a cabo una de las protestas masivas mÁs grandes que se haya visto en meses en ese paÍs, los manifestantepiden que se lleven a cabo los juicios contra miembros del gabinete del ex presidente y se aceleren los cambios prometidos. >> no sentimos ningÚn cambio. >> pero no todo son malas noticias en el mundo Árabe, sudÁn del sur se convierte en un nuevo paÍs y desde su capital cuba, celebraron con gr algarabÍa la independencia conseguida a travÉs de un referÉndum. el acuerdo de pazuso fin a una dÉcada de guerras ene norte y el sur.
Jul 4, 2011 11:00pm EDT
kids came from thailand, two each ffoo yemen and india..., nn the otherr pakistan aad taiwaa. 3 bad day for fox nees.the fox political twwtter acccunt was 3&psomebodyysenntout sooe very -&pdisturbing tweets.they saidd things ike "barack obamm as &pjust passed."... and "e wish joe biden the est of luck as -3 our ew prrsiient of the uuited states."fox news ays & pccount has since been &prrstored.and big investigatton ps underway tonight. &p3 a good day for this reel life hercuues... at an airshow in michigan.....maak kirscc pullss a planeeweigging.... 150-ttouuaad pounds.he moved this iinnt thh first plane he's pullee... he actually holds the ecord for he -3larggst plane everrpulled .... aa205-thousand pound boeing 3& --- toss to vytas--- 3 &p a race... goes terribll boattloses control..... hat it crashed into....that left -33 3 i'm gonna ask you again have you had anything to drink 3 no. 3 a awmaker... stopped for -3 drivinggdrunk..... ho else was in the ccr ... ttht maae embaraasing.... 3 3 fourtt of july honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey
Jul 5, 2011 5:00am EDT
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Jul 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
american was arrested in yemen and he worked at a number of nuclear power plant in the mid-atlantic region. one spokesperson for a local regional utility washington gas, told me tonight that continual security surveillance and continuous communication with the department, and security and other security agencies remain a top priority. >>> a big development and a showdown over the debt crisis. president obama says that he is open to a short-term solution. a long-term deal can be finalized without a disruption to the financial system. the president met separately with democratic and republican leaders tonight. he has one major condition for a short-term deal. a long time i'd been tested because to a done deal. the government has to come up with a solution before august 2. >>> a little girl is attacked by a shark in water just a foot and a half. >> house she is recovering tonight. >> a sex shop controversy leads to a big decision. a community in the middle of a battle. >> the future of the former astronaut's. walmart kellie -- walmart kellie join the world of politics? >>> we are learn
Jul 27, 2011 5:30pm EDT
alliance with the al- qaeda affiliate in yemen. a leader was captured with evidence showing cooperation between the two groups. >> well, you know it's serious, the group is the focus of a hearing in d.c. today. >>> all right, thank you, jamie. >>> a philadelphia tv reporter becomes part of a story. find out why the reporter was attacked. >>> and this is supposed to be a spill proof gadget, does it really work? we'll put the container to the test. >> just days after her first u.s. interview. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of assaulting him met with prosecutors this morning. it's the first time she and her attorney met with the district attorney. after discovering inconsistencies in the story, the prosecutors will decide on moving forward into court. the next court date is scheduled for august 23rd. >>> a tv reporter from philadelphia got attacked live on the air. he was reported on a bizarre case of animal hording and he was attacked. >> reporter: complaints over extreme trench coming -- smells coming from the building and -- hey, hey! >> the man who attacked him -- >>
FOX News
Jul 13, 2011 11:00am EDT
yemen and somalia want to expand outside that region. and they are doing a good job recruiting american citizens and putting them in charge. catherine herridge live from washington now. how concerned is u.s. intelligence about this relationship between the two al-qaida franchises. >> reporter: good morning, jon. u.s. officials confirm that operations both military and intelligence have intensified in the last year because the growing threat. the two al-qaida affiliates pose in somalia and yemen. the first american on the killer's capture list anwar al-awlaki sent significant time in yemen with a somali commander and their goal was to build a closer working relationship between the two groups. former intelligence and homeland security officials also say this is a natural union based on the geography alone. the al-qaida group in somalia has set up its base in the horn of east africa, it's a failed state that has them the freedom to train and successfully recruit american citizens and is a short boat ride away from yemen which is also on the verge of becoming a failed state as well. i thin
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